A Cadets experience on Windermere Camp 2017

This year, I was one of three lucky cadets from Alton squadron to go on the annual Lake Windermere Adventure Training camp. The seven days we were there contained all sorts of amazing activities including: Paddle sports, Rock climbing, Mountain biking, Mountain walking, Archery and National Navigation Award Scheme at both Bronze and Silver level; achieving my Silver Award. The National Navigation Award Scheme taught me about navigation in more wild country and challenged my orienteering skills, pushing my ability to its limits. I was overwhelmed to achieve the award as I was only two cadets to achieve the Silver Award along with Cadet Corporal Vickery also from 613 Alton Squadron.

Not only are the activities great, but you get to spend seven days with people from all over Hampshire and Isle of Wight. I can truly say I’ve made friends for life from this fantastic week.

The Windermere Camp is one of the many highlights of my cadet career so far and to anyone even slightly interested in any aspect of Adventure Training and exploring the wilder parts of the United Kingdom, this camp is definitely for you!

Cadet Sergeant D Leach


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