Hampshire and Isle of Wight Annual Awards



Cadets, Staff and members of 613 Alton Squadron Civilian Committee attended the Annual Awards evenings on Friday along with many other Cadets and Staff from around Hampshire and Isle of Wight.


Cadet Warrant Officer Finley Bunce received the the Air Commandant Air Cadets Certificate for Service to the Cadet Services. Cadet Warrant Officer Bunce has been a committed member of Alton Squadron where he has gone on to represent Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wing, South West Region and the Air Training Corps in many different activities including Soccer, Swimming and athletics; notably the high jump at Corp level claiming the Cadet record for Senior Cadets. Along with this Cadet Warrant Officer Bunce has also participate in many events within the Wing including Farnborough Air Show and Remembrance Parades within the Alton Community; notably carrying the Royal British Legion Standard for the previous two Remembrance Parades.

For his achievements he received an Air Commandants Commendation.


Flight Sergeant Bagley’s Citation read as follows:

Flight Sergeant Bagley is a dedicated member of 613 (Alton) Squadron and without his efforts during the last 18 months the Squadron would not be in the position that it is now. He has taken on the role of Training Officer where he has set up an interesting and dynamic programme that has helped keep unit numbers strong. The main area where Flight Sergeant Bagley deserves credit is for his excellent attendance. He regularly changed duties at work to ensure that he could be at the Squadron especially on nights where the Squadron was short of staff and number of times Flight Sergeant Bagley has been the only member of staff to attend thus keeping the Squadron open. Flight Sergeant Bagley has also used his annual leave to complete courses and days for walking qualifications, so he can provide further opportunities for the cadets on the Squadron. Flight Sergeant Bagley has also acted as both the Wing’s and South West Regions football coach and manager.

For his efforts Flight Sergeant Bagley is awarded a South West Regional Commandant’s Commendation.


Cadet Flight Sergeant Sawdy received the Wing Commanders Commendation for his achievements in Clay Pigeon Shooting. Over the last two years Cadet Flight Sergeant Sawdy has been training with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wing as part of the Wing Clay Shooting Team. As part of his progress he competed against cadets across the Air Training Corps in which he won the Competition for his age category.

For his achievement he received a Wing Commanders Commendation.

ATC Sunday 5 Feb 17

Retired Squadron Leader Bob Dalton received the Meritorious Service to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wing for services within the Wing.

RAFAC Flying Officer Hughes received the Air Commandants Commendation for his services to the Corp having been an integral part of Sports within the Corps.

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