Sennelager Summer Camp 2018

I had a fantastic opportunity this summer with Air Cadets, for a week in August. I went to Germany with 35 other cadets from the UK!

We spent the first couple of days visiting a very important castle used a lot in WW2 and the Möhnesee Dam. This included a cruise around the lake and a night spent in the sailing club where we had professional chefs cook us a BBQ after a day spent mountain biking and sailing! The next day we paddled 4 miles to a huge bridge and on paddle boards! In the days that followed the mornings were spent visiting different areas of the base such as the fire section where we were able to put out “practise fires” and the medical section where we were allowed to practise applying life saving devices. As well as this we were given the chance to meet some of the guard dogs! I was also given the opportunity to take part in an interview where I answered questions about cadets. In the afternoons we swam and went on some high ropes up in the mountains and on the last day we spent time at a theme park which was amazing!

In the evenings we did things like bowling, played pool, cinema, eat ice cream and one evening we went to a beautiful Chinese restaurant!

I can definitely say that this has been one of the best weeks of my life so far and I have made some great friends as well!

Corporal Vickery

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