Remembrance Parades 2018

On Saturday the 10th November cadets from 613 Squadron took part in Holybourne Remembrance Parade. Despite the pouring rain we marched through the village accompanied by bagpipes and other members from different youth groups such as the Army Cadets and Scouts. We then stood on parade and honoured those who have fallen and those who fought for us.

The next day, on Sunday the 11th of November we took part in a much bigger parade through Alton High Street where we also reflected on those who fought and continue to fight for our country. This year is very special for the Air Cadets as we celebrate the centenary of the Royal Air Force and remember the brave pilots and engineers involved with the RAF. We also spent time remembering WW1 as it is 100 years since the end of the war. Earlier in the year, a group of cadets from Alton Squadron traveled to Ypres to take part in the remembrance of this

Holybourne Parade
The Banner Party – Holybourne Parade
The Banner Party – Alton Parade

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