National String Ensemble Camp

Cadet Gaywood from 613 Alton Squadron attended at RAF Cranwell in February 2019. Here is his report on the camp:

The camp was great experience. With only 15 cadets participating, through the week I got to know everyone very well. We spent the week playing the violin, working toward a performance broadcasted live on facebook.

The week also consisted of other activities, for example a tour of RAF Cranwell Collage, multiple social nights including a trip to local city Lincoln , and chance to see a fly past. The music we played was a variety of genres, using violin, violas and a cello.

This was the first string ensemble to be formed in the RAF Air Cadets, and the privilege to join the group, and play along side so many brilliant musicians, some making it all the way down from Scotland, and work with some of the best staff I’ve met was a perfect way to spend my half term holiday.

The group is still looking for more people to join, and being such an amazing activity, I would recommend to anyone considering joining.

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