30km Winter March – RAF WARMA

At the weekend, two cadets from 613, Sergeant Vickery and Corporal Gaywood, travelled up to Cheshire to take part in an annual winter march with other cadets from across the UK.

We took a team of cadets from across Hampshire and IOW and camped at a nearby campsite the night before where we were issued a ration pack to use for the duration of the event! Despite the rain and the cold of mid-October our camp was enjoyable – especially as the staff prepared a BBQ for us all.

The next morning we were up early and travelled to the nearby town to begin the march. We were met by other cadets from around the UK and began walking at 9am. We completed the 30km march in 5 hours and 22 minutes and were able to get back to Hampshire an hour before our planned time!

It was an enjoyable weekend, a new experience and we even received a medal on completion.

-Sergeant Issy Vickery, Corporal Ben Gaywood

Wearing our medals!

20km in…
Cooking our meals the night before.

10km in….
En route to Cheshire!

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