The ATC: Past and Present

The Past

In 1938 the Air Defense Cadet Corps was formed, its role was to assist the RAF on active bases and train the pilots of the next generation. In 1940 the war cabinet proposed the formation of the Air Training Corps (ATC) to replace this, and on the 5th February 1941 the ATC was formed. It was charged with assisting the RAF and preparing teenagers for life in the Royal Air Force.

Image result for the air training corps in 1941
ATC Cadets undertaking marksmanship training
Image result for the air training corps in 1941
A photograph of Cadets from 1075 (Camberley) Squadron in 1941

The Present

The ATC today (otherwise known as the RAF Air Cadets) is no longer a recruiting tool, instead, it gives people aged 12-20 experiences they couldn’t get anywhere else. Cadets undertake activities that are not only fun, but make them the good citizens that they are today, more confident, well rounded and good leaders.

Image result for air cadet presenting to others
High flying RAF Air Cadets being honoured at the national awards ceremony at the home of the RAF – RAF College Cranwell.

A Cadet’s view

“For me, cadets has really helped improve my self confidence and I have learnt so many new and important skills such as first aid and how to effectively lead a group. I have also made great friends and so many memories , joining cadets has definitely been one of the best decisions of my life.”

Cdt Sgt Isobel Vickery from 613 (Alton) Squadron